Our G.D.P.R. Policy

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation which will replace the Data Protection Act. Its purpose is to ensure that organisations have strict polices and practices in place for managing and handling personal data. Customers who have specific privacy concerns or GDPR questions are encouraged to speak to a member of the Civic staff by phone or email.

We agree to:

Use personal information fairly and lawfully
Collect only the information necessary for the specific purpose
Ensure it is relevant, accurate and up to date
Only hold as much as you need, and for as long as you need it
Allow the subject of the information to see it on request and keep it secure

We have outlined below how we will endeavour to comply with GDPR.

Information and who we are

For the purpose of data protection laws, Civic Yearbooks. Our registered address is The Unit 9, The Claremont Centre, 39 Durham Street, Glasgow, G41 1BS is the data processor. Our role is to keep your data safe and provide a platform to do so leaving you the control of the overall project.

Why do you collect information from me?

The information that you provide to us is in order for us to allow you to create yearbooks, we will not be selling, leasing or sharing your data with anyone other than those involved in producing your yearbook. However, the information we provide is critical for your order.

During your yearbook journey you will receive emails from our customer support team, as well as our prompt emails which are sent out to try and keep you on track - for these emails there is always a way for you to unsubscribe, in which we will remove you from our mail list and if you are an editor in the book we will remove you also. If you have a preference of how you would like to be contacted please just let us know.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to provide and improve our services, by using our site, you consent to cookies.

Where is data stored securely?

All data is stored internally at our office in the UK.

How long is data stored?

We hold your contact information from the point you are a customer with us, the data that we save is your name, school name, email address of our contact and our correspondence with you whilst you have been a customer. This information relates to the editors and teachers who organise the book. Not the non-editorial students. (Except where those students may be discussed by teachers or editors in emails and other correspondence).

With reference to your yearbook anything that is sent to us will be locked from the point of being sent to print. Once your yearbook has been printed (or abandoned) we will keep all the information for that yearbook for up to 5 years, sometimes future yearbook committees from your school wish to access it for designs and ideas. Following that your yearbook and all the information in it will be deleted .

Do we use third parties?

We use a third party to print the yearbook pages, we have been working with this company for over 5 years. The information shared with our printers, is the yearbook pages only. We use a third party for payment management, the information shared with stripe is to collect payments to fulfil financial payments securely.

Can I be deleted, the right to be forgotten?

As part of GDPR everyone now has the right to be forgotten, if you do have a member in the yearbook that following printing would like to be forgotten please do call us to discuss how we can deal with your specific request, we will endeavour to do this in a timely fashion. We do keep copies of information for backup purposes. Hopefully we have answered any questions you have, however If you do have any specific questions please do send them to enquiries@school-yearbooks.co.uk.