If you are accessing this page using a speech reader and encounter problems please call us on 0845 045 0416 or send an email to enquiries at school hypen yearbooks dot co dot uk. We will do all we can to help you create your yearbook.

We offer THREE creation options

Use the templates we provide free of charge

We will provide you with lots of templates, backgrounds and page layouts which you can use saving you loads of time. Using the templates will also ensure your book looks highly professional. Pages are also easily customised, so whether you want to change a template slightly or even quite a lot, this is really easy to do.

Screen image from Microsoft Publisher


Go to insert on the top menu. When inserting pages choose to duplicate all objects on the most appropriate master page. e.g. 3 profiles per page, collage, etc


Either type directly into the text box or copy and paste from word into these boxes. You can then format your text using the toolbar across the top of the screen.


To insert a picture - Go to the page you want work on and right click on the picture and go to change picture. Do the same thing to insert backgrounds.

Our templates are designed for Microsoft Publisher. Benefits - No need to learn new software PLUS multiple people can be working on pages at the same time!

Use your own choice of software

If you would prefer to use your own software to produce your book - no problem! Just check with us first that it will be suitable. Word, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign files are all fine.

We design the whole book for you

All you need to do is create a folder for each page in your book. Then put in each folder - the text for that page typed in Microsoft Word, and all the pictures for that page saved in digital format (JPEGs). We will design your pages for you and send you a draft copy back for checking.

About Us

School yearbook publishers since 1996

In 2004 we made a decision to concentrate on school yearbook production only, and sold the other parts of the business. Through extensive marketing and recommendations we now produce the school yearbook for many schools outwith Scotland. England, Ireland and Wales are all catered for. We have even published a school yearbook printed in Welsh (language) and would like to do so again if there are any Welsh students reading this who would like to produce a school yearbook. We can also produce your school yearbook if you live overseas. Due to exchange rates our school yearbook prices often appear cheap to students in other countries such as Switzerland.

Our school yearbook publishing expertise has been particularly appreciated by the Independent schools market. Our straightforward school yearbook publishing systems mean that the school yearbook does not occupy too much time, leaving students time for studying and other activities. A school yearbook produced by Civic Yearbooks also represents very good value for money to discerning customers. We are not cheap, but are not really expensive either. We offer a high qualty school yearbook at a reasonable price. You can obtain an education for free, but some people choose to pay for a better education. The school yearbook business is just the same. You get what you pay for!

Our original mission was for every home in Britain to contain a school yearbook published by Civic Yearbooks. A few school yearbook publishers have entered the market since then, and we have had to re-evaluate our goals. Back in 1996 only around 10% of schools produced a school yearbook, now I would estimate around 80% do and we are proud to have played our part in raising the awareness of the school yearbook throughought the country. Our aim is now to produce the best school yearbook possible for each and every one of our customers. By being flexible, creative and enthusiastic we hope we have achieved this goal, and aim to continue to do so.