If you are accessing this page using a speech reader and encounter problems please call us on 0845 045 0416 or send an email to enquiries at school hypen yearbooks dot co dot uk. We will do all we can to help you create your yearbook.

Pages could include

  • Profiles of individual students
  • Welcome page
  • Introduction from Yearbook Team
  • Introductions from teachers
  • Teacher photos
  • Trips
  • Collages
  • Quotes from teachers and pupils
  • Sports events
  • Cartoons and caricatures
  • Lookalikes
  • Awards
  • Most Likely To.....
  • In 10 Years time...
  • Pupils who have already left
  • Baby Photos
  • Sights and Sounds of the year -
    News, Songs, Films, etc
  • Fund raising days - like red nose
    day or children in need
  • Dances - Prom, Christmas, Halloween.
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School Year Book Samples

The pop up images you see above are from year books we have completed for previous clients. There are many different designs and layouts of year books to choose from. Many schools design their own year books or ask us to design their year books so that they are unique to them. You can put as many profiles on the pages of our year books as you choose. The more on each page, the less pages, and the cheaper the year books will be. Year books do look better with large pictures on the pages though, so it is probably always best to produce year books with as many pages as you can afford.

These days it is only slightly more expensive to print year books in colour than in black and white. So we print all our year books in full colour, and there is no limit to the amount of colour you can have on each page of your year books. Some schools decide on a particular background colour or theme resulting in red year books, blue year books, green year books, etc. You can also supply specific images to be used as the backgrounds to the pages of the year books, such as, an exercise book, a wooden desk, photos of your school, etc. There is nothing which cannot be incorporated into the design of the year books.

Here at Civic Year books we aim to produce designs which cater for the tastes of every school. Every customer is unique and want their year books to be unique. We can offer templates for year books, or you can take our year books templates and change them slightly to match your own ideas, or you can have year books that do not bear any relationship to the year books templates.

Some schools are quite nationalistic in their design ideas. For example, we have produced tartan backgrounds for Scottish year books, and can produce similar themes for English year books, Irish year books or Welsh year books.

One of the most important aspects of designing year books is photograph quality, particularly the quality of the profile photos in the year books. Make sure the camera is set to a high number of pixels, angle the person so they are not facing the camera straight on, and make sure the background behind the person is a light and bright colour. Follow these guidelines and the photos in the year books should look great.

We hope you have found the information on the design of year books helpful and inspirational. We enjoy working on year books and want to produce year books that we can be proud of. After all, if you love the year books you receive, you are more likely to recommend us to the year below you and to other schools. And we want to produce as many year books as possible.