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Our Prices

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Type of book
Softback, this is a paperback book with the front and back cover printed in colour.
Leatherette hardback, this is a hardback book with the school logo printed in gold or silver foil onto a black leather-effect case.
Leatherette hardback with dust cover, as above but with a printed and gloss laminated dust cover also.
Printed hardback, this is a hardback book with the front and back cover printed in colour.

No of Pages
The number of printed pages in the book. Please note a page is one side of a sheet of paper.

Quantity of Books
The number of books you will order

Included in the price
Free Help and Support
Free Templates
Free Delivery
Free 4 Blank Pages for signing

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Type of book
No of Pages
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School year book prices

The price of your school year book is determined by many things. The cost of the materials like paper, ink, hardback cases, etc. By ordering in bulk we obtain these school year book materials at discounted prices. We do not stint on the quality of our materials but try to source the best quality materials to use in our school year book business at as low a price as we can. The next item affecting the price of your school year book is time. There is a carefully calculated time attached to all stages of school year book production. These stages include consultation, design, proofing and alterations, final printing, bookbinding, packing and delivery. The third item affecting the school year book price is overheads. A school year book is manufactured using high quality equipment which is very expensive to buy, and the cost of this machinery is factored into the price of each individual year book.