If you are accessing this page using a speech reader and encounter problems please call us on 0845 045 0416 or send an email to enquiries at school hypen yearbooks dot co dot uk. We will do all we can to help you create your yearbook.

How much do the yearbooks cost?

See our prices section. The more copies you buy the cheaper the books become. So try your best to sell as many as possible. Don't forget to try to sell the books to the teachers and staff.

How long do we have to wait until the books are delivered?

Once the final draft copy has been approved, your books will be delivered in under 4 weeks - guaranteed!

Is delivery included in the price?

Yes. To anywhere in the United Kingdom.

How much help do we get during the process?

As much as you need. We offer free unlimited telephone and email support. Whatever problem you may encounter. It won't be anything we haven't come across before and we will have solutions.

How many pages are in a typical yearbook?

You can have as many or as few as you like. Normally there are the individual profiles (page count = pupils in year divided by pupils per page) and a further 20 pages containing collages, awards, etc.

When do we have to pay you?

After you receive the books and are happy with them. Occasionally a deposit of £100 is required.

Hardback school yearbook with dustcovers.

School Yearbook FAQ's

Is there a minimum order for school yearbooks?
There is a minimum quantity of 30 school yearbooks, however you can order any quantity of school yearbooks above 30 e.g. 87 school yearbooks. This means, unlike other school yearbooks publishers, you only purchase the quantity of school yearbooks that you require which keeps the school yearbooks real unit cost down. If your year has a very small role remember teachers and staff will buy school yearbooks and any pupils who were at school with you last year and have left are also a target for school yearbooks. If they are available invite them back to school on the day of the photography for the school yearbooks - you'll probably have to lend them a tie!

If our group is small, can we still afford to participate in the school yearbooks project?
Yes, you can sell ads to appear in your school yearbooks to offset part of the cost of your school yearbooks.

How long does it take to make school yearbooks?
That's like saying how long is a bit of string. Seriously, the sooner you start the better. The best way to plan is to start the school yearbooks project at the end and work back. We need about 4-6 weeks to print and bind the school yearbooks. You should really finish your part of the school yearbooks project by no later than the end of March (we actually tell you February because we know you will be late-ALL school yearbooks ARE LATE) and it will probably be the end of March before you finish the school yearbooks. Do not let it interfere with your studies for exams. Some schools opt to get the school yearbooks the following term to allow them to include their school prom in the school yearbooks, they just need to get the main part of the school yearbooks to us prior to the end of term.

How much do the school yearbooks cost?
See our CALCULATOR in the pricing page of this site. It allows you to 'fine tune' your school yearbooks to suit your pocket. We can produce as few pages or as many pages of the school yearbooks as you want. Unlike other publishers of school yearbooks that tell you that you must order school yearbooks in lots of 8 pages or sometimes as much as 16 pages at a time. Our most popular school yearbooks are hard back covers. Soft cover school yearbooks are lower cost although they will not be as durable. See the school yearbooks Alternatives web page.

When do we have to pay you for the school yearbooks?
We occasionally require a deposit for school yearbooks with your order. You should collect deposits from the people ordering their school yearbooks. This will be more than enough to cover the deposit for the school yearbooks. We do not require any further payment until you have received the school yearbooks and are totally satisfied with the school yearbooks.

Can we make money in other ways to help fund the school yearbooks?
You mean like fundraising and sponsorship? Sure! Most schools producing school yearbooks look for school yearbooks sponsors and have fundraising events to offset part of the cost of their school yearbooks.

Who is responsible for paying the invoice for the school yearbooks, and when is the money due for the school yearbooks?
Our contract has to be with the school for the school yearbooks. They shall be responsible for payment when the school yearbooks arrive. The entire group, however, needs to support the effort. Should you determine prior to sending your copy/file to Civic Yearbooks that you are unable to complete the school yearbooks project or cannot collect enough money to support the school yearbooks effort, simply notify us, and we'll cancel the agreement. If we have been involved with the photography or any other costs this may affect the return of your deposit for your school yearbooks.

You mean I have the entire school year to sell ads and school yearbooks before I have to pay the balance?
That's right. We'll bill the school when we deliver your completed school yearbooks.

Are there any restrictions to what we may include in our school yearbooks?
They are YOUR school yearbooks and we therefore have no objections to what you wish to include. However there is one proviso, and that is a senior member of staff must proof read (censor) the copy, prior to going to print the school yearbooks. Not that you little angels would ever try to sneak in any facetious remarks into you school yearbooks!

What if I still have questions or reservations about school yearbooks?
Give us a call on 0845 045 0416 or drop an email to enquiries@school-yearbooks.co.uk? We'll be glad to hear from you and answer your questions on anything about school yearbooks.